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“Preparation is the key for making any kind of impact in a speech or presentation and Barbara certainly knows how to help a TEDx speaker prepare! She has a treasure of experience. I’m so thankful that she gathered her expertise for us at TEDx Binnenhof 2014. Her book. Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker’s Guide is fun, clear and concise. Spending most of my life listening to boring speeches, I wished this perfect and easy guide was available a long time ago. A must read for everyone who wants to make an impact; not only on stage, but everywhere to anyone. My favorite Boring to Brilliant! tip: “Create a Master Script”- my own brain dump. It helps me to easily create my stories and clears my mind. I am looking forward to using your practical and easy going book to prepare for my moments. Thank you Barbara!”   Sonja van Meerbeek, Director TEDx Binnenhof, The Hague        

“If you want to become a phenomenal speaker, read Barbara Rogoski’s book Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker’s Guide. This book is packed with practical tips you can apply immediately, 101 tips in fact. There are also several checklists at the end of the book that you can use over and over again. This book is the kind of resource you will refer to frequently. And when implemented consistently, will ensure that when you speak, people will listen.”
Stephanie Ward, Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs,