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Boring to Brilliant A Speaker's Guide 2nd edition front cover

Alex Partridge Founder of UNILAD and LADBible |ADHD Chatter Podcast Host “I can’t recommend this book enough. Barbara’s ‘straight-to-the-point’ approach makes the book super fun. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to deliver an impactful speech. It’s full of great tips and advice that helped me transform my speech from a boring monologue into an engaging show stopper.” 

Julia Krylova
Concert Producer | Mastermind Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Knowledge Broker
I have one since 3 years and it’s a Bible that every speaker should have on his/her desk!! Keep coming back to tips and every time discover something new. Highly recommend to any level speakers!

Francisca Dias, M.Eng.Francisca Dias, M.Eng.
International Image Consultant | Executive Presence Coach | Activating Speaker | TEDx Amsterdam Women Speaker Style CoachInternational Image Consultant | Executive Presence Coach | Activating Speaker | TEDx Amsterdam Women Speaker Style Coach
What a powerful book! “Boring to Brilliant: a Reference Guide for Speakers”! 👇Written by Barbara Rogoski, one of the top TEDx Speaker Coaches in Europe, this book is a super practical, extremely empowering tool for anyone who wishes to take their presentation skills to the whole new level! ✨Filled with gold tip after gold tip! Super enjoyable to read and populated with great examples, a nice sense of humor and gorgeous pictures, this book is an absolute gem! 💎From Presentation Content, PowerPoint, Delivery, Voice, Body language, Audience Engagement, to Story Telling, how to deal with Fears.. Barbara covers it all and more! 💥I’m already incorporating some of Barbara’s great audience engagement tips for the delivery of my next talk! 🌟For my own practice and personal use, I’m making it a new standard to make sure I always run through Barbara’s “Brilliant Speaker Super-Checklist” included at the very end of the book!🎯I fully recommend this book to anyone who wants to instantly increase their impact and confidence as a presenter/speaker! 🤩It’s going to make you Mic Drop ready! 🎤”